Thursday, February 9, 2012

Broken Minds, Guess Who Likes It?

All you need to do is to google, Steve Brown. Now that must be one of the most popular names in the English language. But Dr. Steven Brown of Key Life, professor at Reformed Theological Seminary (I think he is semi-retired) and one of the most popular speakers in the world will come up on the first page. He was kind enough to give a review of our book when it first came out. In case you have not seen his handsome face, he is the guy with the smile.

Steve & Robyn Bloem, Broken Minds, Hope for Healing When You Feel Like You’re Losing © 2005, Grand Rapids; Kregel Publications Endorsement by Dr. Steve Brown, Key Life Ministries Professor or Practical Theology, RTS Orlando

Wow! What a great book-- a book that we’ve needed for such a long time. With clarity, Biblical faithfulness and grace, Steve and Robyn Bloem lead us from their personal experience to hope for the rest of us who have experienced, or loved those who have experienced, the pain of a "broken mind." This is a book that should be mandatory reading for every leader in the church. It is one of the most (perhaps "the most") helpful books I’ve ever read on mental illness." (Then on a personal note) "I really do think this is a great book and will be making it mandatory reading for my practical theology classes."

Broken Minds includes very readable large narratives by Steve and Robyn Bloem. It has helped thousands of people who are evangelical Christians and is read world wide. Broken Minds tackles the issue of mental illness from a Biblical perspective. It has been given academic status by Kregel Publications and is being used in seminaries and bible colleges across the globe. Broken Minds can be read with Kindle and E-books. If you purchase Broken Minds from us,the proceeds will go to Heartfelt Counseling Ministries. The copy you will receive will be signed by authors,Steve and Robyn Bloem. Please go to the link below.

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Dr. Bob Kellemen

Our second reviewer, Dr. Bob Kellemen is Director of the Biblical Counseling and Spiritual Formation Network and Chairman of the Christian Counseling and Discipleship Department at Capital Bible Seminary.

Refreshing Candor
Bloem and Bloem write a telling personal and biblical narrative for those dealing with depression. This is a rare book from a conservative Christian perspective. Many authors from a secular perspective have shared about their own battle with depression (William Styron, Lewis Wolpert) or bi-polar disorder (Kay Redfield Jamison), but few evangelicals have done so. Fortunately the stigma of depression is fading as Christians of today realize what Christians of the past have known--there are many causes of depression (for a powerful look at "famous" Christians who struggled with emotional issues, see "Genius, Grief, and Grace").
For an honest, open, biblical, theologically-sound, and helpful conservative Christian approach to hope for healing, "Broken Minds" should be tops on your list. Reviewer: Bob Kellemen, Ph.D., author, professor, Capitol Bible Seminary, Washington D.C.