Thursday, May 5, 2011

Our house is in foreclosure, please pray!

Hi friends,

We have seen many blessings from God in this last month. One that stands out is one thousand dollars that was raised for Robyn having a very much needed root canal. We are thankful for the people whom God has raised up to support us.

Heartfelt Ministries has been hit hard by the economy. Our donations have been considerably down. Because of this and horrible unemployment in Michigan, our house is now in foreclosure. This is a very difficult trial for us. This is the house that we put a large amount of money down from Lindsay's wrongful death suit. Please pray that we would be able to honor the Lord during this time of loss.

We are now considering leaving the state of Michigan. From our prospective there is an over saturation of counseling agencies in Grand Rapids area.

How can you help? First, pray hard for us! Second, check in your area whether there are ministry/pastoral care openings. Please also be on the look out for case-management job openings. If you would like to read about Steve and counseling ideas, treatment modalities etc. please go to: http://heartfeltcounselingministries,com/counseling.aspx

Don't forget our special sale on our book. Broken Minds Hope for Healing When You Feel Like You're Losing It, http://heartfeltcounselingministries,com/bookpurchase.aspx

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